Planning Committee

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Committee Charge

Review, consider, discuss and reach consensus on recommendations to the Board of Trustees on:

  • Strategic pillars (mission, values and vision)

  • Strategic priority areas (for which administration will thereafter be assigned responsibility to pursue implementing goals)

  • Strategic planning timeframe

Christine Johnson 

Kevin Brockbank

Kimberlee Messina

Linda Beane Boose


President, SCC

President, SFCC

SFCC Dean of Humanities

Connan Campbell

Leathia Botello

Beverly Daily

Associate Dean,
Student Development 

Office Assistant Lead, Pullman Center

Mathematics Faculty

Austin Davis 

Institutional Research Associate

Rob Deyo

Tim Fackenthall

Adult Basic Education Faculty

Human Resources Consultant

Patrick Forster

Assistant Dean, Instruction at Pullman Center

Nolan Gruver

Executive Director, Corporate & Continuing Education

Glenn Johnson

Brandon Livingston

Keith March

Brenda Martinson

Board Chair &
Committee Co-Chair

Director of Compliance

Program Specialist,
Work Study

Admin Assistant, Dean of ABE & WFSE Chief Steward – Classified Union 

Brent Munoz

Carla Naccarato-Sinclair

John Norman

Tim Roe

Director, IT Project Management

AHE President – Faculty Union & Adult Basic Education Faculty

Hydraulics Faculty

English Faculty 

Michael Wilson

Melinda Martin

Parleen Kaur

Board Vice-Chair & Committee Co-Chair




For questions, suggestions, or concerns please contact BRG at: or

To maintain confidentiality, and promote candid conversations, all communications sent to the email addresses above are being delivered directly to our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG).


The 22-member committee is co-chaired by two esteemed members of our Board, Glenn Johnson and Michael Wilson, and is composed of faculty, staff, students and administrators. The Committee’s composition is intended to represent diverse expertise, experiences and perspectives.