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Strategic Plan

Community Colleges of Spokane have made great progress in the last few years and we are now taking an important step in our institution's future by developing the next strategic plan with an eye toward preparing ourselves and our communities for the future.

A Message from the Chancellor 

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


As 2020 has clearly shown us, few plans anticipate every possible challenge that is encountered over time— such as the covid-19 global pandemic. Yet while the pandemic has caused significant disruption on how we operate, it has also taught us the importance of adaptability and flexibility and given us an opportunity to not let a crisis go to waste. Now we have taken the next important step in our development: the creation of a strategic plan.


CCS’s strategic planning process will map the future of CSS for the next five years but will only be successful if it benefits us both collectively and individually. A comprehensive and action-oriented plan, along with a transformative mindset, will capitalize on opportunities, partnerships and experiences that strengthen and more definitively establish our role as a higher education leader in our region. While working to construct a plan, we will offer many opportunities for community input on goals, and strategies as well as opportunities for feedback as the process unfolds.


I want to encourage you to get involved in the strategic planning process. Clearly the success of our strategic planning process will be directly proportional to its inclusiveness. We will need the active involvement of each and every member of our CCS community – each and every one of you – if the final result of our work is to identify the best possible path forward. With that involvement, we can ensure that our plan builds upon the legacy we have already created by a correct assessment of our College System as it exists today and a sound plan for what our institution needs to be in the future.


Information about future opportunities to engage and updates will be posted periodically on the CCS Strategic Planning web site. We will also continue to communicate regularly through emails and social media, asking for your ideas and feedback.


Please take advantage of every opportunity to become engaged in our strategic planning process. We want to consider as many views and voices as possible. This input will help us begin to get a sense of the key issues and themes, as well as hopes and dreams, that will shape a shared vision for the future.


I look forward both to the lively discussion that will occur during the building of the plan and to the subsequent work of achieving its goals. Thank you in advance for participating in this important work.


Christine Johnson, PhD
Community Colleges of Spokane

Where We Are in the Process This Week

We have officially launched our strategic planning initiative alongside the CCS Planning Committee and our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG).  Key project activities include:



As of May 25th, 2021 we are still actively soliciting feedback from all members of the CCS community.


Please continue to visit the webpage for the most current updates and information regarding specific opportunities to participate in this process.


Interviews Conducted 


Strategic Planning Stakeholder Survey Responses


Interviews Conducted 


Planning Committee Meetings


Opportunities for Input and Involvement

We are actively soliciting feedback on the proposed Plan items via a survey. Your feedback is an important part of the strategic planning process and we invite you to complete the brief questionnaire.

We want to hear the ideas of all members of the UMF community as we begin developing priorities and themes for the next strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Resources

This page includes a collection of resources provided to assist University units in developing and implementing a strategic plan. 

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee consists of select leadership, board members, administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The committee is charged with guiding and overseeing a process that broadly and effectively engages the CCS community in developing the  next strategic plan.

Strategic Plan: Guiding Principles

  • Inclusivity. 

  • Transparency.

  • Taking a broad (versus local, parochial) view. 

  • Consensus decision making. 

  • Respect. 

Project Timeline and Process Overview

​The approach for the assessment and strategic planning process is comprised of four phases accompanied by distinct work streams that support clearly defined objectives and manage logical work steps throughout the project. The project plan is based upon the milestones outlined in the timeline.


For questions, suggestions, or concerns please contact BRG at: or

To maintain confidentiality, and promote candid conversations, all communications sent to the email addresses above are being delivered directly to our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG).